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About Medspa Mayhem

Coming June '24

About The Book

Med Spa Mayhem is a compelling and must-read book that delves deep into the often unforeseen dangers lurking within the medical spa industry. Dr. Kate Dee brings her extensive expertise and experience to the forefront, offering a critical examination of the growing trend of med spa treatments and the potential risks they can pose.

The book serves as both an exposé and a guide for anyone wishing to have med spa treatments. Dr. Dee begins by painting a vivid picture of the allure of medical spas, establishments that have become synonymous with luxury, relaxation, and the promise of enhanced beauty. However, as she peels back the layers, a different picture emerges―one of unregulated practices, inadequately trained practitioners, and a startling lack of oversight that can result in dangerous outcomes.

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The book presents case studies and personal anecdotes that illustrate the severe consequences for patients suffering from negligent practices in med spas. These stories not only highlight physical harm and emotional trauma experienced by clients but also underscore the lack of accountability within the industry and lack of enforcement of existing law. Dr. Dee shows how these spas often prioritize profit over patient safety, leading to dangerous shortcuts and unethical practices.

Most importantly, Dr. Dee equips readers with practical advice on how to identify reputable med spas, understand the qualifications of practitioners, and make informed decisions about cosmetic treatments. She stresses the importance of consumer education in ensuring their own safety and satisfaction.

Med Spa Mayhem is not just a critique of the med spa industry; it's a compelling page-turner that empowers readers to demand and receive safe, ethical, and high-quality care in their pursuit of beauty. This book is essential reading for anyone considering med spa treatments, policymakers, and healthcare professionals alike.

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