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Body Sculpting recommendations

Emsculpt Neo is still the gold standard and safest most effective body contouring device. We recommend a series of at least 4 treatments, 1 week apart, for each body part. It can be used to treat abs, glutes, thighs, calves, arms, love handles.

What about all the other machines-- do they work?

The short answer is not well. In my opinion the best device is the Emsculpt Neo followed by Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is discussed extensiveely in the book. All the others are either just OK or poor. Here’s a list:

Accufit: made by Lutronic, this device appears to be an Emsculpt knock-off. I have inquired with an extended community of doctors in aesthetics and very few people have purchased this one.

Cooltone: 👎  this device was a reaction by Allergan and Coolsculpting to the competition from Emsculpt. They took old technology for muscle stimulation and slapped their brand on it. It never worked. Places that bought it quickly found they had to give it away as an enticement for people to do coolsculpting. 

Emtone: 👎 this device by BTL, the same company that makes Emsculpt Neo, combines RF and shock-wave therapy. They tried to sell it to tighten skin and treat cellulite. It never worked and didn’t sell.

Sculpsure:  👎 Made by Cynosure, this device uses lasers to heat and melt fat-- it does not work. In order to actually melt fat with this device, you have to turn the energy up so high as to be excruciating. Most people I know who bought this have either already sold it or will sell it to you for really cheap. 

True-Sculpt: 😐uses RF to melt fat, results similar to Vanquish ME. Made by Cutera, Middling results.

Ultrashape: 👎 I really wanted this one to work-- because it uses focused ultrasound to cavitate and destroy fat. But it is pretty poor. The fat has to be at least 3 cm thick-- so it can be used only on the abdomen of people with a fair amount of fat. The treatments are time consuming and are not impressive.

Velashape: 😐 this is another RF device, using a vacuum to suck fat into a cup and heat it. Made by Candela, Velashape never really succeeded.


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